Friday, April 24, 2009


1. Anybody who is a real lender with real funds will not have a sympatico email account (Canada's hotmail) as
2. If you claim that 1054 Centre Street Suite 154 is an office contact that location and you will find that this is a "virtual office," basically a PO Box - for someone lending out all those millions, they can't spend a couple grand to have a real office with real employees.
3. When you have a web site that my 8 year old nephew could have put together on Microsoft FrontPage - you know you're not a real lender. The quality of the web site is impeccable.
4. Canadian funding corporations website has been changed more times than a baby's diaper. First it started out with TD canada, then we found out it was a lie, then he took it down, then he took various people down cause they didnt want to be associated with the scam, then he changed all the language.
5. If your reference letters are from your own staff, you're probably a fake lender
6. When the people you claim to have provided funding for have their face blacked out and no way to verify their name or business, or location it looks like a hostage situation. Once again, you're probably not legit.
7. When you say "us and our co-lenders", you're probably taking credit for something you didnt do.
8. When you say that you have been "honing your skills" for the last 20 years and its been properly documented that over those 20 years you were a peddler, theif, con-man, drug dealer, and every other piece of scum, we know what "skills" you're talking about. Probably doesnt make a good case for you being a real lender.
9. When you bring on Jan Luistermans who is a real estate agent and slap him a title "VP of valuations" it doesnt bode well for your organization. Further, no lender has ever created a VP of valuations position before. Also, when you bring on Marty Lapedus who is a mortgage broker to be your "chartered accountant" its probably not very wise since he has no license.
10. Moishe, when you lug around town in crocs and choking on cigarettes you're probably not a professional lender, rather, a professional con artist

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Christine C said...

This man needs to be jailed!

Sandy Hutchens (what he went by 15 years ago) took over $20,000 from my parents when he pretended to file paperwork and pretended to do work for them on a simple civil court case they were going to court for. Every other day he was calling them demanding for another $1000 dollars (usually between $500 to $2000 demands each phone call) to file another document that was never filed! They started to question why he was asking for more and more money they didn’t understand what he was doing, he always told them lies about the amount of work he was doing (but really NOT doing). This man did not care that my Dad had lost his job at that time, had three children, and a wife that was not able to work. He scammed them of all of their savings and they even had to borrow some funds from family members to meet with his ever growing greedy demands. In the end Sandy Hutchens never showed up for them for court, never filed any documents, made off with their hard earned cash and disappeared. The stress, mental anguish and heart break this piece of garbage put my parents through effected them for years but this was just another greedy days work in this greedy pigs life! I really hope he gets the time in jail he truly deserves. He needs to spend his days with criminals just like himself behind bars where he can not hurt anyone else. HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!