Friday, April 24, 2009

How Moishe Alexander uses the Jewish Community to give credibility to his scams

What Moishe has done is a genious move. He has aligned himself with the orthodox jewish community. He understands that people invest with (1) who they trust and (2) who they see as being good stewards of the jewish community. As long as the person has credibility in these 2 aspects most jews will do business with this person, especially since they are big on keeping it within.

So the plan is pitch perfect.

How to convince the jewish community that you are worthy.

(1) establish yourself as a good steward by making money from these scams and donating some of it to the community in the form of a school or a donation for families (2) Get heavily involved in the community and establish your networks (3) build word of mouth trust amongst the members and use the rabbi to give you the ultimate credibility (4) On the backside build up a little cash to call yourself a "private lender" and continue getting fees from the scam. (5) Keep reinvesting in the jewish community, build more confidence, act like your doing good deeds, go to temple, praise G-D in front of the members and stay under the radar. (6) Hope nobody finds out about what is going on and start putting things together and you'e on the road to easy street.

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