Friday, September 5, 2008

Letter from TD Canada Trust Regarding Moishe Alexander

In a letter from TD Canada Trust (approved by their attorney), they write:


"We confirm that none of 308 Elgin Street Inc., Canadian Funding Corporation, nor Moishe Alexander, also known as Sandy Hutchens, are joint venture partners of the TD Bank Financial Group, The Toronto Dominion Group, or any of its subsidiaries."

TD Canada was simply astonished when they heard about the information that has been posted to this blog. It became abundantly clear that this group never had the financial ability or capacity to fund any deals in any capacity over $500k.

Upon contacting TD Canada, it turns out that not only were they NOT a joint venture partner, they were walking into TD branches trying to pass along the information relating to our projects to the commercial banking manager in the hopes that they would find someone to look at the deal. There was no joint venture and Moishe and his team turned out to be amateurs in the financial world. They didnt have a long standing relationship with TD or any kind of joint venture, they were trying to sell the deal to the bank with the biggest name in the hopes that they would bite. It turns out the the commercial banking manager, whom will not be named, forwarded the information to Florida Commercial Real Estate.

When asked for proof of funds from our clients (by this time we found out about the jewishwhistleblower blog) Alexander then started to tout his relationship with TD Commerce in the US. Alexander and Ron Gache/Carl Romano of Broad and Cassel, continually told us that they were actively working with the Vice President of Commercial Banking from Commerce Bank. When we approached the person in this position, they informed us that a box of information had been mailed from Toronto but he never looked in the box. His area of expertise is in commercial banking and he was told the information in the box was residential. When we spoke to him he wondered why they even sent a box with residential loans because (1) he is not in the residential area and (2) Commerce Bank is not a player in the Orlando area for residential lending. Toronto Dominion is essentially twice as conservative as Commerce so he was confused as to why Alexander would ignorantly pitch the deal the deal to TD when they were never in a position to even consider the project(s).

Meanwhile, Alexander touts daily meetings with TD Canada and important people working on th deal. The real dealings turned out to be Alexander begging people at TD to take the deal. We applaud the spirit, but unfortunately, you dont issue over $400M in commitments and know nothing about residential or commercial financing. Alexander clearly showed his inexperience and flat ability to deviously make up what was going on as he went. He manipulated everything that happened to make it seem like something important was going on when in fact, once we spoke to TD, they completely revealed the lie.

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